Baby Bearded Dragon Eating

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  • Jun 19, 2021

But if your baby bearded dragon won’t eat it is potentially a more significant problem. A lot of the reasons that a bearded dragon won’t eat also apply to baby bearded dragons.

What To Feed A Baby Bearded Dragon? Find Out Here Baby

Firstly, a baby bearded dragon that won’t eat is not.

Baby bearded dragon eating. How long can a baby bearded dragon go without eating? You can also include commercial food. It’s best to begin establishing a feeding schedule as soon as you get your bearded dragon.

Or you could even wet the food with a little unsweetened apple or mango juice to give them a different flavour and texture. Bearded dragons can receive much moisture and nutrition from eating greens like dandelion, turnip, mustard, or collard greens, along with several other equally as healthy alternatives. It can be one of the possible reasons behind the baby bearded dragon not eating.

You can feed them as many insects as they can eat during their feeding times which should be 10 to 15 minutes. He wouldn't eat for the first 2 days and we have read that this is normal. However, baby and juvenile beardies though may not be able to survive that long without food.

Unlike baby bearded dragons whose diet is 80% feeder insects and 20% veggies, you need to reduce the amounts of feeder insects to 60% and increase vegetable and greens to 40%. Bathing them more often can stress him out massively. Offer as many insects, such as crickets, as your bearded dragon can eat in 15 minutes.

Make sure to use high quality thermometers at each end of the terrarium (one in the basking area and one in the cooler area) so you can monitor temperatures. A baby bearded dragon’s meals should consist of 80% insects and 20% greens and vegetables (this ratio will flip flop as they grow older, but don’t worry about that just yet). Why has my baby bearded dragon stopped eating?

My baby bearded dragon won’t eat. This will help to train your bearded dragon to know when it’s feeding time, and help to get you into the routine of daily multiple feedings. Baby bearded dragon diet remember with whichever insects you use to ensure that they’re gut loaded e.g.

A healthy mature beardy can last for several weeks to three months without eating. An empty cricket apparently has more nutrition than a locust, but a gut loaded/ well fed locust is far more nutritious than a cricket (due to the length of their gut). It is because young beardies need more protein for their speedy growth.

If this does not work maybe you could try hand feeding them, they quite like the contact of being hand fed. For the past week, he ate, but not very much. The best choice should be dubia roaches, crickets, grasshoppers, silkworms.

Low temperatures can cause a loss of appetite and activity levels can drop. Luckily, on the third day he started eating and was very active and happy. So you must make sure you are dividing the proteins and veggies accordingly.

You’ve fed them up on greens etc… the day before you feed them to your dragons. Handling a newborn baby beardie can stress them too much. The schedule that i have shared below will help you understand what to feed and how to feed your baby dragon.

Why your baby bearded dragon won’t eat. They are just newborns and you are touching them too much. A bearded dragon acts lazy or lethargic if the temperatures are not adequate enough.

You are putting your baby beardie in the bath more frequently. A reptile vet is needed to assess the best course of action for the baby beardie, and it may mean humanely euthanizing if they can’t recover. If your bearded dragon stops eating greens, then give them a different colored green vegetable or fruit.

Baby bearded dragons will grow to 90% of their full length in the first 12 months so to support that rapid growth they need to eat a lot of food.

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